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Meet the Pakistan Mathematical Society

The Pakistan Mathematical Society (PakMS) is from the most engaged scientific societies of Pakistan. Its activities include organizing seminars, conferences and meetings for the advancement and promotion of mathematical knowledge, both nationally and internationally. The society also contributes analytical and critical reports on the state of mathematics education and on mathematical research in Pakistan. It publishes proceedings of conferences also.

More about the PakMS

On 15th May 2001, Professor Qaiser Mushtaq convened a Mathematicians Moot at the Best Western Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan. The gathering was attended by close to 70 professionals and students of Mathematics. The Moot was concerned with the poor state of mathematics education in Pakistan, and the lack of interest in its development at the governmental and private level. Hence, at the end of the Moot, it was decided that the Pakistan Mathematical Society should be formed.

On 26th June 2001, the Pakistan Mathematical Society (PakMS) came into being. At a function held at the Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, the constitution of the society was passed, officers and executive members were elected. Since then, there has been increase in its membership. Its members hail from across the country. So far it has more than 250 members which make it the largest mathematical society in Pakistan.
Registration of PakMS with Government of Pakistan

The PakMS was registered on 16th November 2001. The Society had to apply again for registration under the ACT XXI of 1860. It was finally registered under this Act on 17th February 2003.


It is the only non-governmental mathematical organization which is registered with the government of Pakistan. This is the Society legitimacy and legal protection under the ACT XXI of 1860 of Societies. PakMS is the only mathematical organization which is registered with Pakistan Science Foundation also. The Society has thus become eligible to obtain substantial grant from the Foundation.

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